Van and Barbara Swindle Bass House

Van and Barbara Swindle Bass House
Van and Barbara Swindle Bass House - 227 West State

National Register's Architecture Description

It is a 1-story World War II Era Cottage structure built in 1947 and exhibiting a combination of Minimal Traditional (post-war Colonial) and general Period Revival styles in its relatively steeply pitched front- and side-gable roof and extremely narrow eaves. The building rests on a raised concrete basement foundation. It is clad in tan regular brick arranged in a running bond pattern save for a belt course at the base of the brickwork, which exhibits a combination of stacked stretcher bricks and soldier bricks. The roof is clad in modern asphalt shingles. The only notable external alterations are a newly poured set of concrete front porch steps and modern retractable awnings over several windows in the east and west (side) elevations. A detached contemporary 1-car garage clad in the same brick as the dwelling is also present on the property. Together these structures are considered contributing to the district.


The dwelling at 227 West State Street is the Van and Barbara Swindle Bass House. It appears to have been built originally for Everett E. and Ann Hoffmeister, who lived there for only 2 to 3 years, and then sold to the Karma P. Swindle Family.